Can I live aboard my yacht during the Regatta??

Yes, and Nelson Waterfront and the marina will be a busy place. There are showers and toilets ashore which you can use, and a number of good restaurants and accommodation facilities for those wanting a solid bed.

Who sets the Handicaps?

The Nelson Regatta Race Committee has appointed a handicapping team to set handicaps in consultation with Waikawa and Port Nicholson Yacht Clubs. The Regatta will be run using club handicaps; results for those with PHRF and IRC handicaps will also be available.

When will I know my Handicap?

Provisional Handicaps will be finalised  before the first race.

Do I need to book a marina berth?

We recommend you do book a berth, please refer back to the “Marina Information” on the “About” tab.

What are the Nelson tides for the period covering the regatta?

Day Date High Low High
Sunday 21-01-2018 03:59 3.27m 10:08 1.22m 16:21 3.27m
Monday 22-01-2018 04:56 3.11m 11:06 1.39m 17:20 3.12m
Tuesday 23-01-2018 06:01 3.03m 12:13 1.47m 18:28 3.05m
Wednesday 24-01-2018 07:10 3.05m 13:23 1.45m 19:35 3.08m

Reference NIWA Tide Forecaster


If you as an entrant have any further questions you would like answered or have a request for further information, please contact the personal listed on the Events Contact page or email to:

Missy Hearfield – missyj@actrix.co.nz


Also if boats need crew or crew need boats, contact Missy on the above email.