Welcome to the Social Page – for info and dates of what’s up and coming in our wonderful club!
Our Social Committee works closely with the racing committee so we can maximise enjoyment between racing and social…  as really they do go hand in hand, so watch this space.

Mid Winter Tipsy Brush : Wednesday 4th September : 6:30pm

Sally Middleton – the Club’s very own creative artist with a great talent that we can all learn from – will be leading the evening 
Everything you need will be provided – canvas, brushes, paints, other materials, even a glass of wine and savouries
All you need to bring is an old shirt or apron, and a photo if that’s what you’d like to copy
No previous experience required
Cost is $35
Please let Deb in the office know you’re joining in, or send a message via messenger – we do need to know numbers to ensure enough supplies are provided
It’s going to be a fun evening!


Murder Mystery Evening : Saturday 7th September : 7pm

Murder on the Dance Floor

Who killed bad-boy Ricky Johnson in Flo’s Diner just before the town’s annual Dance-off Competition?
Our Murder Mystery this year has only 20 characters.
If you want to play the game, register your name as soon as possible.
If you don’t want to play but want to come, you still can and become one of the dancers in the crowd – and there will be dancing.
Cost is $40 which includes platters to snack on through the evening.