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Club Moorings

The Club has 14 well located cruising moorings for members’ use.   The “New Zealand Cruising Guide – Central Area” provides useful additional advice on which areas are best suited to particular conditions.

Maintaining these moorings is an expensive business for the Club, but they are generally kept in good order.  There have been instances when members have picked up non Club moorings which have subsequently broken away – so be sure to identify that the buoy you lift has TBCC marked on it.

Note: The GPS positions are based on New Zealand Transverse Mercator 2000.

Rules of Use

The Club pennant, flag, or burgee must be flown when using any Club mooring. 

Download the TBCC Moorings Booklet here

Moorings are available on a first come, first served basis to members only. The Club has not entered into any reciprocal arrangements with any other clubs or group regarding moorings.  TBCC members have no rights to others’ moorings and no-one else has rights to TBCC moorings. If non-members are seen using our moorings they should be politely asked to move.  If they do not, please report the vessel name and time details [photo very useful] to the Committee who will take appropriate action.

The maximum length of any vessel using the mooring is to be no more than 18 metres/59 feet (on upgraded 4 ton moorings).

The member first taking the mooring can choose whether to allow other members boats to raft up or not.  If you wish to raft up to a member boat please seek permission first.  The resource consent restricts rafting to maximum of three vessels (max total 28 tons):  in Cherry Tree Bay, only two vessels may raft together & in Tuna Bay only one vessel on the mooring at a time.  The largest vessel should take the mooring. The Club accepts no responsibility for injury or damage resulting from boats rafting up on a mooring.

Moorings are not available to commercial vessels excepting a boat under private charter to a member.

Please give the top rope a scrub if it is becoming fouled: if the name on the buoy has faded, please freshen it up with paint or an indelible marker.  Please advise the Club Manager if you find the mooring to be damaged or discover other problems.

The chartlets illustrating the locations of the club moorings have been produced by club member Bruce Barton, using ESRI ArcGIS, the latitude and longitude of the moorings and Land Information New Zealand Charts from the LINZ Data Service (LDS). The chartlets are not to be used for navigation.

TBCC Moorings

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